Counter Seal

Undermount Sinks In Laminate Or Tile Counter Tops

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Undermount a Sink In a Custom Laminate Countertop,  Undermount a Sink In a Post Formed Countertop Undermount a Sink In a Tile Countertop or undermunt an illuminare Glow in the dark sink or an Illuminare Glow in the dark countertop or both.

For undermounting sinks in post form countertops. How to undermount a sink in a custom laminate countertop

New!! Illuminare™  Products

Counter-Seal® has the edge when it comes to under mounting sinks!

Counter-Seal® is "just right" for today's market,

with style and performance at an affordable price.

use a stainless steel undermount sink in a Wilsonart®, Formica®,

Pionite®, Arborite® or a Nevamar® laminate counter top today.

Our consumers tell us over and over again:

"It's just right!"

Patent #s 5,551,103-5,754,991 &6,349,429 B1.

PCT/CA2009/001046 and multiple countries patent pending.

Illuminare™ Property of AGCO Inc.